Integrative Functional Medicine

At a time when so many have become disillusioned with the conventional medical approach of merely managing disease symptoms with drugs and surgery, Functional Medicine is becoming the preferred healthcare choice for those who seek to uncover and treat the underlying causes of their illness rather than merely suppressing symptoms. Functional Medicine is a systems-based approach to health and wellness that focuses on assessing how well each of your body systems, such as your cardiovascular, immune, and respiratory systems are functioning. It uses science-backed laboratory testing, genetic testing, nutritional assessment and lifestyle considerations to uncover and correct the underlying causes of illness. It is truly patient-centered, personalized medicine that treats each person uniquely, integrating body, mind and spirit. You and your Integrative Functional Medicine practitioner work together, in a partnership, to achieve your highest expression of health.

Integrative Functional Medicine

Your Functional Medicine Visit

During your office visit, your Functional Medicine provider will spend the necessary time to assess the health of each of your body systems, recommend laboratory, including genetic, testing when necessary to uncover the underlying causes of your complaints, assess nutritional status such as nutrient deficiencies or imbalances, assess hormone balance, assess for food, environmental and chemical allergies and sensitivities, etc.  Treatment includes lifestyle and dietary recommendations, as well as specific, research-backed nutraceutical recommendations.