Biological Medicine

Biological Medicine, like Integrative Functional Medicine, seeks to uncover the deepest, underlying root causes of illness, treats the patient rather than the disease, focuses on restoring the body’s own innate healing mechanisms, and in so doing, promotes optimal health and wellbeing rather than focusing on symptom suppression.  It does this by looking at our internal terrain.  

In Biological Medicine, “terrain” refers to a person’s internal terrain or environment, the state of health and balance at a cellular or tissue level, or the environment or terrain our cells are in.  This includes how acid or alkaline our tissue terrain is, the nutrient status of our tissues, but also looks for the presence of toxins like heavy metals, inorganic toxins like pesticides, and biological toxins such as toxins from Lyme and other parasites, as well as mold. 

Specialty lab testing, as well as energetic testing methods like Autonomic Response Testing (A.R.T.) are used to evaluate our internal terrain, and uncover the root causes of our symptoms.  Treatment focuses on cleaning up our internal terrain by getting rid of heavy metal deposits, reducing stress on our system from electromagnetic radiations from our environment, eliminating parasites, and re-establishing healthy balance in our many microbiomes, such as our gut, sinuses and skin.  Detoxification protocols and support of our organs of elimination play a big role in helping to clean up our internal terrain and supporting our return to optimal health.