Frequency Specific PEMF

In addition to, or as an alternative to FSM, Frequency Specific Treatments are sometimes applied to the body as PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) treatments. PEMF has been an FDA approved therapy since 1979, and has been shown to help resolve the symptoms of:
Any FSM protocol can be converted to, and applied as, PEMF by using iCare magnetic converter pads. This allows for the protocol to be applied over clothing, anywhere on the body. Since iCare is operated from a smart phone or tablet, FSM protocols can now be applied low cost, at home, through an iCare magnetic converter pad, under the care and supervision of a certified FSM provider. This can be a great way to support FSM in-office treatments with iCare PEMF treatments done at home, between office visits, or as a stand-alone treatment for those who do not have access to an FSM provider. In these instances, treatments can be managed and supervised through telemedicine visits.