Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) is a remarkable new therapy that utilizes ultra-low intensity electrical currents to decrease inflammation and activate the rapid healing and repair of damaged and diseased tissue. Because FSM uses current intensity that is below the threshold of sensation, you don’t actually feel the current, making the treatments relaxing and completely painless. The ultra-low intensity current increases cellular energy by as much as 500%, supercharging cells for more rapid healing. FSM also consistently reduces inflammation by 62% in only 4 minutes, making it one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory treatments available. Because FSM increases cellular energy, decreases inflammation, and stimulates the healing and regeneration of damaged tissue, it has become a powerful new treatment for sports injuries. Professional athletes and sports enthusiasts of all ages, as well as those suffering from non-sports related pain, are turning to FSM for rapid relief of chronic and acute pain and injury.

Physician Endorsements:

“In my 20 years in medicine, I have never experienced any treatment or therapy that provides relief and results as quickly as Frequency Specific Microcurrent. I have been amazed and pleased.”

“FSM is the most effective treatment I have ever seen for myofascial trigger points. It is the harbinger of a new chapter in the advances of medical science. The future has arrived.”

“One of the best treatments that I have found is Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)… This form of therapy works quickly, with minimum discomfort and often a rapid result.”

“FSM is one of the most important tools in my tool kit. I wouldn’t leave home without it.”

“I work with FSM because it brings relief to so many patients for so many conditions. It is low risk, non invasive and incredibly effective… Every day I do things with FSM that are simply not possible with any other modality or any other known treatment.”